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On this page we display our various mealworm options. Here is where you can see which type is best for your animal.

Only Ships To USA

Large Mealworms






If you have a larger reptile or amphibian including uromastyxs and bullfrogs, then these large mealworms are perfect for your animal. Sizes 3/4-1 inch


$1.00 per dozen
$0.75 per dozen over 5 dozen

Small Mealworms


Juvenile, newborn, and other small herps need food that is small enough to eat. These mealworms are perfect. Sizes 3/8-5/8 inches.


$1.00 per dozen
$0.75 per dozen over 5 dozen

Medium Mealworms


For those medium sized herps, including geckos and chameleons, then these mealworms fit the bill. Sizes- about 1/2 inch.


$1.00 per dozen
$0.75 per dozen over 5 dozen