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Welcome to our web site!

Do you have a hungry reptile or amphibian, and are tired of paying ridiculously high prices at local pet stores for mealworms?

Here at Buggy Bites we also own many reptiles, and know how much work it is to care for them. To keep a reptile healthy, you must provide a good environment, a lot of care, and a proper diet. All of these things are hard to maintain at a low cost, but we are here to make it simpler and cheaper for you by providing a constant supply of mealworms for your pet's dining.

You can trust that our insects will be healthy and safe for your reptile, as we use the same mealworms that you are buying for our own reptile's food, here at the Buggy Bites facility.

Only Ships To USA

This month's special:


Large, Medium, and Small mealworms are currently at regular price.
Please get in touch to offer comments and join our mailing list for sales and specials!

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